This agency was launched after it’s founder Shenae Hudson hit rock bottom and lost all she had. However,  her love for children, faith and resilience taught her a valuable lesson. There are key principals to success and the companies passion to empower children with the fundamental skills of leadership and financial literacy, each child could create the life they wanted for them self when applyig the right disciples and skills. Hear how this dreamer activated her passion and discovered her purpose to launch a leading youth empowerment agency!



Aspire to Inspire was founded on the vision of two young women leaders determined to give minority children a fear chance at financial freedom and to become strong leaders and great citizens of tomorrow. They knew that both middle and lower class families sometimes struggled with providing the best education and resources to their children; as a result of single parent homes, limited finances or a lack of exposure. Therefore, they made it their top priority to make their classes more affordable, and accessible by partnering with local agencies within lower income earning communities to create more visibility and accessibility. Our aim is to educate our youth who aspire to become entrepreneurs, Community leaders, Entertainers and working professionals. Essentially, our goal is to help children to cultivate leadership skills, financial competency, and self-sufficiency.



Book from our roster of talented and established leaders.



Natalie Wambui is a 12 year old  international motivational speaker, author of three books and a poet. She have won two youth leadership awards on both international platform and national platforms. Her extensive speaking portfolio has allowed her to grace the stages of women and youth conferences, political leaders (president of Kenya, Africa), churches across the nation, talk shows and various schools across the country. Natalie has been known to directly inspire and impact the lives of both youths and adults by captivating her audience with her personal story of triumph in-spite of adversity. Looking to book a dynamic motivational speaker? Natalie is the next best thing!


As professional youth agency, our services are designed to ensure our students receive the best possible education in financial literacy, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Self Efficacy and Etiquette. While some of our students may wish to pursue classes and training in performing arts, we are still intentional about incorporate our foundational classes as well in order to allow our students the opportunity to become more well rounded and valuable in their professional Aspirations.


Develop inner strength and boost self esteem, allows children to build critical thinking skills, learn how to develop a sense of independence, responsible and leadership instincts.

Our Agency prides itself with the ability to strengthen the self image and overall poise of its students.


Etiquette training is vital for children as they grow and interact socially and professionally. It is imperative that they learn business etiquette, table etiquette and social etiquette skills among their peers. These skills will allow you child to have a more polite and poise approach when interacting in any environment.

This class is great for all children whether they may need a simple table etiquette touch up or want to learn polite acceptable ways to interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds. This class is fun and interactive and each child will learn the skills they need to become confident when entering a new social or professional environment.


Learn how to manifest your dreams into a profitable business buy learning how to start a business, market and build you business with professional and practical business concepts.

This class is great for aspiring business minded children or children in the start up years businesses who looking for more knowledge, ideas or mentorship with scaling their new business.


The earlier our children are educated about money, how it works, how to save and invest their money is the higher success rate we create for our children. The sooner they learn the importance of credit and proper money management the less debt they will incur and the more wiser their spending and investment habits will be in the future.

This class is perfect for any child aspiring to become successful with thei personal finances. They will learn the basics of money, various financial terminology, money concepts, credit and why its important, stocks and ways they can save and invest for their future.



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